Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happy New Year to All ~ Join Triple J's Sweets on the growing journey we are going to take in 2015.

Well it has been a while since I've been through. And this year I have made the decision to make sure I stay connected so you can join me on my journey to grow in this wonderful baking and caking industry this year. I have decided that life is too short to be stuck doing things in life that you're not passionate about.  Therefore, with God's help and the strength that he has given me.... Triple J's Sweets will excel and pursuit the dream of continuing to make our customer's happy and content.

To kick off this year, I had the great and wonderful opportunity to provide our delicious desserts at an Oscar's Gifting Suite.  I will share some pictures soon but in the meantime, please enjoy this link to an article that we were mentioned in as well as our display.  Thank you All and glad to be back!
Charmaine Blakes Ultra Gold Gifting Suite ~ 2015 Oscars